Donate Books

Starting in April 2015, the Friends of the Library will resume collecting books, music CDs, DVDs and complete puzzles for their Book Sale that takes place in August each year. They do not accept encyclopedias, magazines or old text books.

The Friends of the Library have temporarily stopped taking donations since they have no storage area for items. Call Sharon at 610-329-1905 with any questions. Small amounts (<20 items) may be dropped off at the library for the lobby book cart if the library has available storage space. Ask a staff member or call 610-353-1022.

Lobby Book Donation Cart: Hardback books are $2.00. Paperback books are $1.00. Childrens books are $1.00. When you take a book from the cart, please give your money at the circulation desk in the library. After you have read your book you can bring it back and put it back on the cart.

All donations from the book sale and the donation cart go to benefit the Newtown Public Library.