Loans & Fines

Item Type (Loan Period) Overdue fee
New Books (3 weeks) 25 cents/day
Books (3 weeks) 25 cents/day
Audio Books (3 weeks) 50 cents/day
Museum Passes (3 days) $10/day
Inter-Library Loan (3 weeks) 50 cents/day
Magazines (3 weeks) 25 cents/day
Music CDs (3 weeks) 25 cents/day
DVD & Blu-Ray (7 days) $1/day
Juvenile Materials except DVDs (3 weeks) 10 cents/day

Click here for Delaware County Library System policies.

Lost Items/Maximum Fine
Unreturned (lost) items or items replaced while overdue on your account will be charged to you at replacement cost and not less than the maximum fine for the item. Please return overdue library books because the maximum fine for a returned book is $10.

Interlibrary Loan Service
We provide interlibrary loan service for those titles that we do not own. You can request books at our library that you find on the state-wide card catalog. To request an interlibrary loan, come into the library and fill out a request form. Our interlibrary loan service can also provide titles from libraries throughout the nation.